Taliban publicly flogs three individuals in Paktika and Jawzjan provinces

The Taliban’s supreme court has announced in a statement that it has publicly flogged three individuals in Paktika and Jawzjan provinces.

According to the statement, one person was subjected to 30 lashes in the Wazaikhwa district of Paktika on Thursday.

The statement further reveals that two individuals were flogged last week on charges of “robbery” in the Qoshtepa district of Jawzjan province. While the identities of these individuals were not disclosed by the Taliban, it was mentioned that one received 22 lashes and the other received 15 lashes.

Additionally, one of the two individuals was sentenced to one year in prison. Over the past nearly three years, the Taliban has publicly flogged dozens of people. However, human rights watchdogs have raised concerns over the lack of a fair trial system within the Taliban’s supreme court.