Afghan diplomat resigns after alleged 25-kilogram gold smuggling incident

The Afghan consul general, Zakia Wardak, resigned Saturday after being accused of trying to smuggle 25 kilograms of gold through Mumbai Airport from Dubai, according to Indian officials and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence.

Indian authorities reported that the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence recovered the gold on April 25 and registered a case under the Customs Act of 1962. Despite the allegations, Wardak was not arrested due to her diplomatic immunity.

In her resignation statement, Wardak cited “defamation attacks” that targeted not only her but also her family and relatives. “I have encountered numerous attacks and defamation not only directed towards me but towards my close family and extended relatives,” she stated.

Indian law stipulates that if the value of smuggled gold exceeds 10 million Indian rupees, the suspect must be arrested and faces criminal prosecution. Wardak holds a diplomatic passport issued by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.