US describes journalistic efforts as ‘vital’ for Afghanistan

File Photo.

The US mission for Afghanistan, currently based in Doha, has highlighted the “vital work of journalists across Afghanistan,” urging the defense of press freedom. This statement comes four days ahead of World Press Freedom Day amid severe restrictions and challenges faced by the media in Afghanistan.

“We honor the courageous journalists of Afghanistan who strive to uphold the principles of a free press,” the mission stated on X (formerly known as Twitter). The mission emphasized that their dedication to truth and transparency is essential for accountability.

Meanwhile, several journalists have expressed concerns about the daunting challenges they face in their careers in Afghanistan under numerous restrictions imposed by the Taliban.

“With the Taliban coming to power, there has been severe suppression of media and reporters. The Taliban has imposed strict restrictions on accessing information,” said Abdullah Saljoqi, a journalist. “During the Taliban’s rule, many reporters and media outlets have ceased their activities, and some reporters have been detained by the Taliban.”

“The Taliban sees independent journalists and media as enemies, and it cannot be expected that they will exhibit civilized and legal behavior towards the journalists,” said Wajid Rohani, another journalist.

In Islamabad, Pakistan, a meeting was held with journalists from Pakistan and Afghanistan in attendance to discuss the challenges faced by journalists in exile. The gathering received support from Reporters Without Borders and the European Union.

The Taliban has enforced severe restrictions on media in Afghanistan over the past nearly three years, including directives that female journalists wear masks while on camera.