Afghanistan celebrates national team’s qualification for 2024 Futsal World Cup

Afghanistan national futsal team’s qualification for the 2024 World Cup has sparked celebrations across Afghanistan, drawing accolades from citizens, exiled politicians, and the Taliban alike.

Residents participated in traditional dancing and festivities to celebrate the achievement.

Abdullah Abdullah, former head of the High Council for National Reconciliation, congratulated the team on their victory against Kyrgyzstan, which secured their World Cup spot. “Congratulations to the Afghan national futsal team for today’s victory against Kyrgyzstan and securing a spot in the World Cup,” Abdullah said.

Ahmad Masoud, leader of Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front, also extended congratulations to the players and staff. “You have made the hearts of our suffering people happy after a long time. We are proud of you,” he stated on X.

Former intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil commented on the victory, saying, “They fought for the honor of Afghanistan, for a flag whose three colors symbolize hope and freedom.”

Atta Muhammad Noor, former governor of Balkh and leader of a split faction of the Jamiat-e Islami party, described the qualification as a significant and historic event. “I sincerely congratulate the champion players of the national futsal team, the sports community, and the people of Afghanistan on this unparalleled victory. I wish further successes for our dear athletes,” he said.

The National Resistance Council of Afghanistan and Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also congratulated the team and the Afghan people.

Afghanistan earned its first-ever spot in the Futsal World Cup by defeating Kyrgyzstan 5-3.