Private newspaper launches in Badakhshan

A private newspaper titled “Itilaat-e Shahar” has begun operations in the northeastern province of Badakhshan.

Fakhruddin Qarizada, the editor-in-chief, noted that the newspaper, which includes four pages, will be distributed in the provincial capital as well as 15 districts of Badakhshan.

The newspaper’s staff comprises six women and four men.

“Our entire focus is on covering events directly related to people’s lives.By producing news, analytical and investigative reports, articles, and opinions in the fields of human rights, violence against women and children, society, culture, education, economy, and the environment, we are aiming to improve people’s living conditions and contribute to addressing their problems and challenges by reflecting their voices,” Qarizada stated.

This development comes as media watchdogs report that dozens of media outlets have closed since the collapse of the former government in August 2021, due to either direct pressure from the Taliban or financial challenges.