Taliban’s defense minister denies Daesh presence in Afghanistan

The Taliban’s defense minister, Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid, asserted that no “destructive” groups, including Daesh, have a “physical existence” in Afghanistan.

Mujahid’s comments came during a meeting with a Malaysian delegation led by the country’s special envoy to Afghanistan. In a statement from the Taliban’s Defense Ministry, Mujahid claimed that Afghanistan poses no threat to any country.

This assertion contrasts sharply with recent assessments by the United Nations Security Council, which estimated that 6,000 Daesh members are currently in Afghanistan. Additionally, a recent report indicated that al-Qaeda has set up new training camps in six Afghan provinces since the Taliban’s takeover.

The Malaysian delegation, which discussed several issues with various Taliban members, arrived in Kabul on Tuesday.

For nearly three years, the international community, especially neighboring countries, has expressed concerns about the presence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan.