Afghanistan: Female artisans in Jawzjan struggle with market access

Female handcrafters in Jawzjan province report that despite persevering through severe challenges, a lack of sales markets is impacting their businesses.

These women cite the local reluctance to purchase domestic products as a significant obstacle. They are calling on international institutions to provide support and business opportunities.

Adela Ehsan, a handcrafter in Sheberghan city, said she and her two colleagues produce more than 10 backpacks daily. Ehsan, trained by a local institution in this craft, emphasized the importance of supporting local products. “Our desire is for people to use the backpacks that our company produces. Using domestic products will help make us self-sufficient,” she stated.

Maryam Akbari, another entrepreneur in Jawzjan, echoed this sentiment. “Our demand from people is to use our backpacks, but we do not have many sales, and we ask people to use domestic backpacks,” she said.

Another entrepreneur shared her struggles with the local market. “The backpack market is not very good for us. We make eight to ten backpacks daily, then take them to the market, but we do not have good sales,” she explained.

Women in Jawzjan, engaged in handicraft activities, are urging for more support from institutions to help create favorable sales markets for their products.