Terrorist presence in Afghanistan poses serious threat to region, says joint statement

A joint statement released after the visit of Iran’s President to Pakistan has declared that the presence of terrorist organizations in Afghanistan poses a serious threat to both regional and global security.

The statement noted that both countries reaffirmed their willingness to enhance cooperation on counter-terrorism efforts and security and to develop a united front against terrorism.

“Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to the development of Afghanistan as a peaceful, united, sovereign, and independent state, free from the threats of terrorism and drug trafficking,” the statement said.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, accompanied by a senior delegation, traveled to Pakistan for a three-day visit. The joint statement emphasized the importance of coordinating regional and international efforts to ensure security and stability in the region and highlighted the positive contributions of existing regional forums toward this end.

“While respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Afghanistan, the two sides recognized that increasing the participation of all Afghan groups in basic decision-making will lead to the strengthening of peace and stability in the country,” the statement described.

Raisi left Pakistan for Sri Lanka on Wednesday.