Afghanistan: Taliban publicly flogs man in Logar

Taliban on Wednesday publicly whipped a man in the eastern province of Logar on charges of adultery, according to a Taliban supreme court statement.

The accused was lashed 30 times at a public event in Mohammad Agha district in Logar province.

Taliban’s Mohammad Agha district governor and a number of residents of the province also attended the event, the statement said.

Since December 2022, Taliban has publicly flogged hundreds of indiduals, including women, on charges of various crimes.

This comes as the U.S. State Department in its annual report said the Taliban has continued human rights violations in Afghanistan, including “immoral behavior” and the corporal punishment of accused individuals.

International human rights organizations, including the United Nations, have repeatedly criticized the Taliban’s trial methods. They contend that these punishments are administered without granting the accused access to defense attorneys or due process.