Activists say State Department report covers only fraction of ‘Taliban crimes’

The Purple Saturdays movement in a statement about U.S. State Department report, says the human rights abuses and harassment of imprisoned women described in the report are just a “small fraction” of the “the Taliban crimes”.

The women’s protest movement believes that many Afghan citizens, particularly women, are imprisoned in Taliban jails, and their names remain unpublished due to fear of the Taliban and traditional societal views.

Over the past nearly three years, the Taliban’s actions against the people of Afghanistan, especially women, represent an “extreme interpretation” of their religion and Sharia law, according to the movement.

The “Purple Saturdays” statement claimed that Taliban prisons are torture sites for humans and women, necessitating “maximum pressure and serious oversight” of these facilities.

Due to the Taliban’s crimes against humanity targeting the country’s citizens, particularly political prisoners and women, the movement has called on the U.S. government to withdraw its material and moral support for the group and to press for an end to the suffering of the Afghan people.

The movement also urged the United Nations, human rights advocacy groups, and other women’s protest movements not to overlook “Taliban crimes against women” and to establish a supportive structure to facilitate oversight of Taliban prisons.

Meanwhile, the United Nations’ women’s section has called on countries worldwide to create a space where “the voices of Afghan women” can be directly heard, marking the “International Day of Diplomacy for Peace.”

The organization has also appealed to the international community to financially support Afghan women and endorse female leaders, businesses, and services in the country.