Educational institution provides online classes to 200 girls in Afghanistan

An educational institution, Anar Academy, has commenced online classes for at least 200 girls who are deprived of schooling amidst the Taliban ban on education.

The academy offers a curriculum that blends international educational standards with the one implemented during the previous government in Afghanistan, covering grades seven through twelve.

“I am very happy. With full motivation and capability, I am advancing through the programs and lessons arranged for me and am more determined than ever,” said Sahar Nasiri, a student.

Despite the joy of learning and having access to books and pens again, one of the major challenges these girls face is internet connectivity in Afghanistan.

Hamidah Karimi, another student, said, “I have managed to continue my school education through this academy, although internet issues in Afghanistan present their own difficulties.”

Officials at Anar Academy stated that the mixed curriculum prepares girls for specific job markets outside Afghanistan.

“We have added some courses, like nursing, to enable our students to integrate into European countries such as Germany, find opportunities, and continue their education,” Sarah Nabil, spokesperson for Anar Academy, told Amu.

Taliban banned girls from attending secondary schools in late 2021.

According to UNESCO, since September 2021, over one million girls have been barred from schools in Afghanistan, with a total of 2.5 million girls and women currently excluded from educational opportunities.

Although alternative pathways such as online classes have been established for girls, it remains unclear whether schools will reopen for them in the future.