Taliban requests invitation to OIC’s meeting in Gambia

Taliban has requested an invitation to the 15th meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, according to Taliban deputy chief Abdul Salam Hanafi who met with Tariq Ali Bakhit, the deputy for humanitarian affairs at the OIC.

During the meeting, Hanafi also invited the secretary-general of the organization to visit Afghanistan.

“We do not interfere in the affairs of any country and expect that they do not interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan under our administration,” Hanafi said as quoted in the statement.

This comes despite repeated calls from the OIC to the Taliban to reopen schools and universities to girls and women, a policy change the Taliban has yet to implement.

The 15th meeting of the foreign ministers is scheduled to take place in Gambia.

Previously, the delegation from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation had met with Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban’s foreign minister. The delegation reportedly included the head of family and cultural affairs and the head of empowerment at the organization.