Citizens distressed by economic crisis, rising unemployment in Afghanistan

Amid worsening economic conditions and a sharp increase in unemployment, many Afghans express desperation as they struggle to find even the most menial jobs.

Speaking to Amu, several locals shared their daily challenges of seeking work as day laborers, only to spend their days on the streets without any source of income.

“I am the main provider for my family, but I return home empty-handed,” one citizen said.

Agha Mohammad, 40, explained that as the sole earner for his 12-member family, the lack of job opportunities has hit hard. “It has been several days with no work available. I wait here from morning till evening hoping for someone to hire me, but now there’s nothing and I can’t meet my family’s needs,” Mohammad said.

Others echoed this sentiment, highlighting the severe impact of job shortages and escalating poverty across the nation.

“There’s no work, and we wait here every day. No one is willing to hire us,” said Ahmad Khan, a laborer.

“Every day, I come here in the morning hoping to find work and provide for my family, but I return home for dinner without having earned anything,” said Mohammadullah, another laborer.

Driven by these economic hardships, some residents said they are considering leaving Afghanistan.

In a related development, the United Nations recently reported that nearly 16 million Afghans are expected to face emergency-level food insecurity in 2024.