Afghan goods to transit through Khwaf-Herat Railway, Iran official says

A senior Iranian railway official announced that the Khwaf-Herat railway will facilitate the transit of Afghan goods, including iron ore and other minerals, to Iran’s southern ports. Mustafa Nasiri Warag, the director of Khorasan Razavi’s railway operations, highlighted the strategic importance of this route for regional trade.

“The launch of the Khwaf-Herat railway has enabled the transportation of mineral resources from Herat to our southern ports. This project is a significant development for Khorasan Razavi province, bordering Afghanistan,” Warag said.

Construction of the Khwaf-Herat railway began over a decade ago, but only 140 kilometers have been completed to date. The project is expected to extend further into Afghanistan, with three of its four sections finished and the final segment planned for future construction.

“Approximately 80% of the railway’s route traverses desert terrain, while 15% passes through hilly areas and the remaining 5% through mountains,” Iranian railway authorities stated.

The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries praised the railway for reducing transportation costs and ensuring timely delivery of raw materials to factories. Economists also recognize the railway’s potential to lower transport expenses and boost economic growth within the region.

Experts view the Khwaf-Herat rail line as part of a larger East-West international transit corridor linking China with Turkey and Europe via Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. This corridor is expected to significantly cut transit costs and facilitate the shipment of Chinese goods to European markets.