Iran exports 64 tons of veterinary medicines to Afghanistan

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian media reported Saturday that 64 tons of veterinary medicines have been exported to Afghanistan from Taibad in Razavi Khorasan province, citing the local veterinary network chief, Hassan Azarian.

Azarian highlighted the effectiveness of Iranian animal medicines as a key factor driving the increase in exports. 

Additionally, the IRIB news agency reported that last year, 885 tons of aquaculture supplements were shipped from the Dogharoon border to Afghanistan.

The Taibad veterinary network head stated that over the same period, 1,485 tons of meat powder used in animal feed production were exported through the Dogharoon land crossing using 59 trailers, marking a 33% increase from the previous year.

He also noted that 80 tons of sheep wool were exported through the same border last year using four trailers, a 10% increase from 1401 (Iranian calendar year).

Azarian added that another 885 tons of aquaculture supplements were transported to Afghanistan with 31 trailers from Dogharoon.

He emphasized that health certificates are issued for all these products, and no shipments are allowed if any violations are detected. According to him, 100% of the animal products are destined for Herat through the Dogharoon border, which is located 18 kilometers from the city of Taibad.

Taibad, with a population of 145,000, is situated 225 kilometers southeast of Mashhad.