Afghanistan: Factory in Maidan Wardak province exports 200 tons of coal to Oman

MAIDAN WARDAK, Afghanistan — A coal processing factory in Maidan Wardak province in central Afghanistan has exported 200 tons of coal to Oman, according to its officials.

The facility, which occupies 700 acres, has the capacity to process substantial quantities of coal, its officials added.

“We have designated an area for coal storage and completed its construction. The coal is now being stored there,” said a factory official.

Operations at the factory are fully conducted within Afghanistan, enabling the export of processed coal overseas.

The coal used at the factory is sourced from the Balkhab mine in Faryab.

Factory officials noted that Pakistan, Iran, China, and Oman have expressed interest in their processed coal.

“Iran has shown significant interest. Three representatives are currently working here to facilitate coal purchases for Iran. We have also sent samples to Oman and the UK, which have generated interest,” another company official explained.

The factory currently employs 80 people and has received nearly 25,000 tons of coal for processing.

Residents of Wardak have expressed enthusiasm about initiating projects and establishing more factories, emphasizing the need for facilities and job opportunities.

Following the Taliban’s takeover in August 2021, coal has emerged as a major revenue source for the regime. According to official figures, the Taliban generated $136 million in customs revenue from coal exports to Pakistan in one year.