People call for job opportunities amid dire economy

As economic conditions in Afghanistan deteriorate, people have increasingly called for job opportunities, criticizing the Taliban for not addressing their needs.

Residents of various provinces voiced frustration over what they describe as an unfair aid distribution process, asserting that they have received no assistance from international organizations. Amid a worsening economic and humanitarian crisis, most Afghans struggle daily to meet basic needs.

This outcry was evident as dozens of people queued at a bakery in Kabul, where a charity was distributing bread to those in need. The long lines, according to citizens, underscore the country’s rampant poverty, affecting women, children, the elderly, and youth.

“Income levels are pitiful. We earn 50 to 100 Afghanis a day, which isn’t enough to buy food,” said one citizen, who preferred to remain anonymous. Another local, Gholam, a laborer, added, “We work for 30 or 40 AFN per day. There is simply no work anymore.”

Despite a reduction in funding due to the Taliban’s oppressive policies toward women, international donors continue to support humanitarian efforts. However, citizens are concerned about the lack of a fair and transparent aid process.

“Our situation is dire, and no one even helps us with 10 AFN,” lamented a street vendor.

Many blame the Taliban for the economic challenges, accusing them of having no clear plan to mitigate the humanitarian crisis. Critics also point out that the Taliban has staffed junior government positions exclusively with its members, excluding non-Taliban individuals.

Economic experts have highlighted issues with the management of humanitarian aid, emphasizing the need for transparency in the distribution process. According to the latest report from the United Nations Development Program, the number of people in need has significantly increased since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.