South Asia

Iranian official accuses Taliban, Pakistani border forces of aiding ‘terrorists’

An Iranian official has accused border forces from the Taliban and Pakistan of aiding the terrorist group Jandala, highlighting a failure to secure their borders with Iran.

Yaqoob Sahibzada, deputy of national security and foreign policy for Iran’s Islamic Consultative Assembly, made the claims during an interview with Iranian media. “The border forces of the two countries are not only weak but they assist some terrorist groups such as Jandala, which sometimes extends these groups’ influence into Iran,” he said.

Sahibzada emphasized the challenges faced by Iranian border forces in maintaining security along the borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan. “In fact, securing the borders adjacent to Afghanistan and Pakistan is solely the responsibility of Iran’s border forces,” he stated.

The allegations come amid heightened concerns over terrorist threats emanating from Afghanistan following the collapse of its former government, which continue to be a major concern for regional countries.