Australia warns citizens against travel to Afghanistan

Photo: Reuters

The Australian Foreign Ministry has strongly advised its citizens against traveling to Afghanistan, citing an “extremely dangerous security situation and the very high threat of terrorism and kidnapping.”

According to the Smartraveller—the Australian Foreign Ministry’s travel advice website—there are no Australian officials in Afghanistan to provide consular and passport services. “There are no Australian officials in Afghanistan, and our ability to provide consular and passport assistance to Australians in Afghanistan is severely limited,” the website stated.

The advisory highlighted that terrorists continue to target foreigners, non-governmental organizations, and humanitarian operations. “Foreign nationals, including Australians, also face a serious threat of kidnapping or detention,” Smartraveller reported.

Despite efforts by the Taliban to assure the international community of safety under their regime, many countries have issued warnings to their citizens about the risks of traveling to Afghanistan, including threats of terrorist attacks and potential detention by Taliban forces.