Activists in Pakistan urge recognition of ‘gender apartheid’ in Afghanistan

A group of activists from Independent Coalition of Protest Movements based in Pakistan expressed deep concern over the plight of women in Afghanistan saying the women have faced “increasing eradication and violence” over the past three years.

According to the coalition, Afghan women are enduring a “slow death” as they strive for their goals and ambitions. The policy of forcibly removing women from society is marked by coercion, suppression, torture, and even death, the group stated.

The coalition highlighted efforts to recognize what it describes as gender apartheid, noting that advocacy began in Afghanistan, Germany, Pakistan, and Canada in 2023 following the complete removal and segregation of women from societal roles.

This advocacy has spurred the launch of a Global Campaign against Gender Apartheid, which includes Afghan women’s protest movements, human rights organizations, and prominent national and international figures. The campaign’s goals are to recognize and criminalize gender apartheid while continuing to support and protect the struggles of Afghan women.

The Independent Coalition of Protest Movements outlined several recommendations:

Afghan women’s struggles should not be exploited by opportunistic and profit-seeking entities.
The advocacy of women’s struggles should be conducted by groups that empathize with the Afghan women’s profound deprivation of basic rights.
The phenomenon of “Gender Apartheid” in Afghanistan is unique and should not be compared with conditions in other countries.
The coalition also emphasized that the efforts of Afghan women are driven by clear demands for their fundamental and human rights, and these should not be conflated with unrelated issues from neighboring nations.

Furthermore, the coalition urged the international community to stand in solidarity with Afghan women by recognizing gender apartheid, which would significantly benefit the women of Afghanistan.