Former President Karzai urges reopening of schools, universities for girls

Photo: Reuters.

In a message marking Eid, former President Hamid Karzai urged the Taliban to promptly reopen schools and universities to female students and facilitate their return to the workforce.

Karzai branded education for girls and employment for women as their fundamental rights, stressing that the Taliban should ensure these rights to liberate Afghanistan from poverty and regression.

He also highlighted the importance of national unity.

“Our national duty compels us to strive for our country’s welfare and advancement through unity, consensus, and absolute fraternity. Advancing side by side, however, hinges on education and knowledge — without which progress is unattainable,” Karzai stated.

“To build an independent, thriving, and forward-moving nation, we must focus earnestly on educating all children—both boys and girls—and swiftly make education accessible to girls,” the former president emphasized.

As the new academic year commenced in March, schools for girls above the sixth grade remained shut for the third consecutive year. Over the past two years, the Taliban have also prohibited girls from attending universities.

During this period, women have been barred from employment in non-governmental organizations.