Ferry sinking off Mozambique coast leaves over 90 dead

More than 90 people have died after a ferry sank off the northern coast of Mozambique, with five individuals rescued from the nearly 130 believed to have been on board, the BBC reports, citing local authorities.

The victims were fleeing a cholera outbreak, according to the British Broadcasting Corp., which reported the news on Sunday. Jaime Neto, secretary of state for the province of Nampula, near where the incident occurred, commented on the tragedy.

“The boat was overcrowded and unsuitable for carrying passengers, leading to its sinking,” Neto stated, noting that many of the deceased were children.

Social media videos depicted numerous bodies on a beach, including children being carried by some individuals. Reuters has not independently verified these videos.

Investigators are currently determining the cause of the disaster, as reported by The Guardian, citing AFP. Two of the five survivors are under medical care, according to the report.

Reuters’ requests for comment from government officials have yet to receive a response.

The ferry was en route from Lunga in Nampula province to Mozambique Island, off the Nampula coast, the BBC further noted.