Gujarat University evicts seven foreign students, including six Afghans

Gujarat University in India has asked seven foreign students—six from Afghanistan and one from East Africa—to leave their hostel accommodations for overstaying, according to Indian media reports citing an official on Sunday.

The decision comes weeks after an incident where some foreign students were attacked for praying on campus.

A delegation, including nationals from Afghanistan and The Gambia, met with the university’s vice-chancellor to discuss safety measures following the March 16 incident. “Six students from Afghanistan and one from East Africa were told to vacate their hostel rooms after they were found to be overstaying,” Vice-Chancellor Neerja Gupta stated. “These individuals had completed their studies and remained in the hostel as ex-students due to pending administrative work.”

Gupta explained that the students were no longer required to stay in the hostel and arrangements were made for their return to their home countries. “We have completed the necessary paperwork, and they can now safely return to their countries. We do not wish to house any former students in our hostel,” she told The Telegraph Online. The consulates of the respective countries have been informed and have directed the students to leave the hostel.

The university reportedly hosts over 300 foreign students. Following the March 16 incident, two students from Sri Lanka and Tajikistan were hospitalized.