Taliban says they support ‘One China’ policy

During an event on Sunday, Abdul Salam Hanafi, the Taliban’s deputy chief minister, declared their support for the “One China” principle, describing China as Afghanistan’s largest neighbor with which it has historically maintained amicable relations.

Hanafi highlighted the Taliban’s backing for China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” and expressed a desire for Afghanistan to be connected directly to China through the Wakhan Corridor.

Despite international concerns over the Taliban’s policies towards women and girls and the potential for Afghanistan to become a hub for terrorist activities, China and the Taliban continue to enjoy positive relations. Russia and China are the only two United Nations Security Council members that have defended the Taliban’s position in UN discussions.

Hanafi also stated the Taliban’s intention to foster good relations with regional and global nations, emphasizing a commitment to ensuring Afghanistan does not pose a threat to its neighbors, particularly China. “We assure that the Islamic Emirate (Taliban) will always support the One China principle. We also support the Belt and Road Initiative,” he affirmed.

This statement comes amid strained relations between the Taliban and Pakistan, with Islamabad accusing the Taliban of supporting the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which has been responsible for numerous deadly attacks in Pakistan.