Construction of Nila Bagh township begins in Kabul

Construction of the Nila Bagh township in the Darul Aman area of western Kabul commenced during a ceremony on Sunday.

The initial phase’s contract was signed between the former government and the Chinese firm MCC 19 in September 2020, but work had been delayed.

At the launch event, Taliban representatives announced the project includes 56 blocks and 1,400 apartments, with an investment of $71 million.

The initial agreement, established in 2020, outlines the project’s first phase covering approximately 21,000 hectares (about 52,000 acres).

Ruhollah Ahmadi, the Taliban’s deputy minister of urban development, stated at the Kabul ceremony that the project is funded through grants from China.

Ahmadi emphasized that the Nila Bagh residences are designated for government employees, projecting a completion timeline of over three years.