Women’s rights advocate urges monitoring of Taliban prisons

Women protesters. File photo.

Purple Saturdays Movement, a women’s rights advocacy group, is calling for the establishment of measures to monitor the Taliban’s prisons.

The movement, in a statement, said the Taliban are seeking to instill fear among the people of Afghanistan, particularly women, by detaining women’s rights activists such as Manizha Sediqqi.

The statement described the Taliban’s prisons as places of “human and woman torture” and called them the “most terrible” places.

It also emphasized the need for the release of journalists, former military officials, and civil rights activists from the Taliban’s political prisons.

This comes as the Taliban recently released a video of Manizha Sediqqi, a detained women’s rights activist. In the video, Sediqqi inquired about her well-being, but human rights organizations have described it as a forced acknowledgment.