Taliban publicly flogs six, including woman, in Logar

LOGAR, Afghanistan — Taliban’s supreme court announced that six individuals, including a woman, were publicly flogged in Logar province for accusations of “adultery” and “sodomy”.

The court’s statement detailed the punishments, stating that one person received 35 lashes and a one-year prison sentence.

A second individual was subjected to 25 lashes and also received a one-year prison term.

The third was flogged 39 times and sentenced to one year in prison, while the fourth received 35 lashes and a two-year sentence. The fifth and sixth individuals were each given 39 and 35 lashes, respectively, both resulting in two-year prison sentences.

These decisions originated from the Taliban’s primary court in the Mohammad Agha district of Logar and were confirmed by the Taliban supreme court, according to the statement.

The enforcement of corporal punishment by the Taliban has sparked significant international concern, with many critics highlighting the lack of access to legal representation in the Taliban’s courts as a particularly serious issue.

Taliban has publicly flogged hundreds of individuals since late 2022.