Activists denounce Taliban’s continued ban on female education as ‘inhumane’

Photo: Reuters. File photo.

Human rights advocates have denounced the persistent denial of education to girls and women in Afghanistan by the Taliban as “inhumane,” warning that such prohibitions will devastate a generation within the nation. They have labeled the Taliban’s restrictions on girls’ education as oppressive actions.

Since the Taliban’s ascent to power, girls in grades seven and above have been barred from attending school for the third consecutive academic year. In response, human rights proponents argue that the international community must intensify its pressure on the Taliban to permit girls to resume their education.

“Undoubtedly, legal measures and sustained pressure on the Taliban to reopen girls’ schools, as the most fundamental human and Islamic right of Afghan girls, are critically and urgently needed. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to ensure that the reopening of girls’ schools in Afghanistan occurs without any alterations to the educational curriculum or uniforms for female students,” stated Marriam Marouf Arvin, a women’s rights advocate.

Meanwhile, some female students in higher grades are again calling for the Taliban to reopen schools and universities. “I call on the Islamic Emirate [Taliban] to open schools for girls from grades seven to twelve, enabling them also to exercise their rights. The Quran even mentions the right to education for women,” said Aziza, a student.

This appeal coincides with Amnesty International’s renewed expression of concern over the school closures for girls, stating that the Taliban’s “cruel policies” have essentially “imprisoned” young girls’ aspirations by confining them to their homes. “As schools reopen, Afghan girls remain locked out,” observed Amnesty International, urging an end to what it describes as a “systematic assault on an entire generation” and calling for immediate intervention.

Over the past three years, the Taliban has shut down schools and universities for girls and women and has also prohibited women from working in non-governmental organizations.