Taliban detains more than 10 Panjshir residents, sources say

Sources have confirmed to Amu that the Taliban has detained more than 10 residents of Panjshir province in central Afghanistan.

According to sources, Taliban detained three individuals in Bakhshikhail and Darakhail villages within Rukha district on Wednesday, March 3. Additional arrests have occurred in the Bazarak district of Panjshir, sources added.

Furthermore, sources revealed that in the past week, at least 10 Panjshir residents in the Khairkhana area north of Kabul have been detained by the Taliban, with no information available on the detainees’ whereabouts.

Additionally, two young people from Panjshir were reportedly murdered by unidentified gunmen in Kabul city last week. The first victim was targeted in Police District 4, and the second was killed in the Khairkhana area.

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has previously reported that the Taliban detains residents from areas with significant Hazara and Tajik populations, including Panjshir residents.