US issues new Iran-related sanctions, targeting vessel owner

The United States imposed new Iran-related counterterrorism sanctions on Thursday against Oceanlink Maritime DMCC and its vessels, citing their involvement in shipping commodities for the Iranian military.

The sanctions are part of the United States’ strategy to use financial penalties to isolate Iran and disrupt its ability to fund proxy groups and support Russia’s military actions in Ukraine, according to the Treasury Department.

Oceanlink Maritime DMCC, based in the United Arab Emirates, operates a fleet of more than a dozen vessels significantly engaged in transporting Iranian commodities, the Treasury noted.

The Treasury Department reported that the Oceanlink Maritime DMCC-managed vessel, HECATE, recently facilitated the transfer of Iranian commodities valued at over $100 million through a ship-to-ship transfer from another sanctioned tanker.

This action is part of a series of U.S. and Western sanctions aimed at Iran’s destabilizing activities in the Middle East and globally, the Treasury stated. Iran maintains a network of proxies across the Middle East, including in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.