Taliban inaugurates three radio stations in Herat

HERAT, Afghanistan — The Taliban launched three radio stations, “Shariat Voice,” “Omid Voice,” and “Horiat Voice,” in Herat on Monday, according to a spokesperson for the provincial governor’s office.

Nisar Ahmad Elyas, the spokesperson, announced that senior local Taliban officials attended the inauguration ceremony in Herat.

This comes a media in Afghanistan has faced considerable challenges, including restricted access to information, since the Taliban’s takeover.

During the inauguration, Muhajir Farahi, the Taliban’s Deputy Minister of Publication in the Ministry of Information and Culture, emphasized the importance of media in the current era.

“No one can ignore the media in the ongoing era,” Farahi stated, advocating for national and domestic media organizations’ access across Afghanistan.Elyas highlighted that Herat is home to at least 28 active media organizations, including television channels and radio stations.

This news emerges amid reports of increasing restrictions on the media by the Taliban. The Talibangovernor’s office in Kandahar recently directed departments to avoid filming during meetings, labeling it as “a major guilt.”

Additionally, the Taliban’s intellegence department in Khost province has instructed local media to disengage from facilitating contact with female audiences.