Activist fosters education for nearly 1,000 children in Kabul’s outskirts

KABUL, Afghanistan — Educational advocate Wazir Khan has created learning opportunities for nearly 1,000 girls and boys in remote areas of the capital, Kabul, amid scarce resources, highlighting the vital importance of education, particularly for females.

Khan has embarked on this mission to raise awareness about the significance of learning. He has successfully persuaded village elders to support the education of their children. Besides fostering community awareness, Khan teaches students each morning in Bootkhak, on Kabul’s outskirts, aiding numerous boys and girls in overcoming the obstacles posed by the lack of schooling and envisioning a brighter future.

Despite the absence of well-equipped classrooms, the students are grateful for the continuation of their education. “I have been attending this school for a year. I wish we had a school building, but I am very happy to continue learning,” said one student.

Bilal, another student, expressed a desire for basic educational materials: “We lack books and other study materials. We hope to receive books and a proper school.”

Students cherish their playtime, a cherished and entertaining part of their school day. “It gets extremely hot here, and we hope for a school building so more students can join us,” commented Akhtara, a student.

Sayeda, sharing her challenges, stated, “We don’t have books or notebooks. The heat is unbearable in summer, and the winter cold is equally distressing.”

Khan actively promotes education in his village, using a loudspeaker to motivate families to educate their children. “For a long time, I’ve been providing free education to boys and girls in these secluded areas, and enrollment continues to grow,” he said.

His efforts have convinced village elders of education’s value, earning him the community’s support. “We’re delighted that our children are learning, studying both modern and religious texts,” Abdullah, a village elder, shared.

“I’m proud to be part of this initiative and support this young man’s endeavors,” added Abdul Rahman, a community member.

Khan has also initiated a campaign to collect textbooks, enhancing reading opportunities for the youth. “My dream is for every child in Afghanistan to be literate, a dream that has become increasingly significant for girls today,” he said.