Afghanistan: Taliban publicly flogs nine, including woman, in Faryab, Khost

File Photo.

The Taliban publicly flogged nine individuals on Sunday for various crimes in the provinces of Faryab in the north and Khost in the east, the Taliban’s supreme court stated.

In Faryab, three people, including a woman, were publicly flogged on charges of “adultery and fleeing from home.”

They received between 30 and 39 lashes in Maimana, the provincial capital of Faryab, as mentioned in the court’s statement.

The event was attended by Taliban officials and a significant number of local residents. One individual, charged with adultery and fleeing, was additionally sentenced to two years and six months in prison, while another man and woman each received one-year prison sentences.

Meanwhile, in Khost province, six individuals were each flogged 39 times for “forgery.” The flogging took place in Khost city, with Taliban officials, including the court chief, and local residents in attendance, on Sunday, March 31.

Since announcing the implementation of such punishments in November 2022, the Taliban has publicly flogged hundreds, the statement concluded.