Nangarhar residents complain about rising food prices ahead of Eid

Residents of Nangarhar province voiced their concerns over the surging prices of food items as the Eid holidays draw near.

They have expressed frustration that merchants and shopkeepers are setting prices arbitrarily, with no effective measures in place to regulate them.

Some shopkeepers have acknowledged a rise in food prices leading up to Ramadan, in contrast to previous periods.

However, the Taliban-controlled municipality in Nangarhar has indicated that efforts to stabilize food prices in the province are ongoing.

“There is no money, and people are facing many problems. We must show mercy to each other,” Jan Mohammad, a local resident, stated.

“Regardless of what you buy, prices are steep these days and nights,” added Mohammad, echoing the sentiments of many in Nangarhar.

Another resident, also named Mohammad, told Amu that some shopkeepers are stockpiling goods to sell them at inflated prices. “Shopkeepers are being cruel. They hoard their goods and sell them at high prices during such times,” he remarked.

On the other side, the Business Union of Nangarhar Province has highlighted the need to tackle the issue of hoarding.

“People are correct in saying that they used to purchase items at fair prices. Now, they encounter varying prices,” said Mohammad Zwanmal, head of the union.

Local Taliban officials have emphasized the enforcement of controlled pricing in the province. “With the onset of the holy month of Ramadan, a controlled price list for basic food items has been prepared and distributed by the municipality. All sectors are required to comply with it,” Bakhtajan Morad, a spokesman for the Taliban municipality in Nangarhar, stated.

With Ramadan underway and the Eid holidays approaching, many across the country have raised concerns about the escalating food prices.