Bolton labels Trump’s Taliban agreement ‘catastrophic’

John Bolton, former national security adviser of the United States, criticized former President Donald Trump’s agreement with the Taliban as “catastrophic” for U.S. and global safety.

He faulted Trump for finalizing the accord with the Taliban and the Biden administration for its implementation. This criticism comes as Republican Party members blame President Joe Biden for the disorderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Additionally, advocates for women’s rights have voiced concerns about the impact of U.S. policies on Afghanistan, arguing that these “wrong” policies have led the country into a severe humanitarian and human rights crisis.

“If we expect changes from the world’s engagement, especially the U.S., with the Taliban, it would be a vain hope. We see that the world, particularly the U.S., pays no heed to the wishes of the Afghan people. Their dealings are mostly with the Taliban, contrary to the values of the Afghan populace,” said one statement.

Two years after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Washington has supported its policy of engaging with the Taliban while expressing concerns over human rights violations, particularly against women, as barriers to recognizing the Taliban.

“If Americans desire peace and stability in Afghanistan, they should establish an inclusive government with robust national and social foundations. However, they fail to consider this,” stated Samar Sadaat, a political analyst.

The U.S. policy of engaging with the Taliban has elicited responses on the international stage, especially among human rights organizations and advocates. Since reclaiming power, the Taliban has severely restricted women’s rights to education, employment, and participation in social life.