Taliban minister criticizes Hekmatyar amid house arrest controversy

KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban justice minister Abdul Hakim Sharaee criticized Gulbuddin Hekmatyar over an incident where Hekmatyar was expelled from his residence in Kabul’s Darul Aman area, a property which Taliban claims is state-owned.

In a press conference, Sharaee remarked on Hekmatyar’s expulsion, saying, “Hekmatyar’s logic is flawed; even mentioning the name of his party is considered a crime.”

He asserted that despite the circumstances, Hekmatyar has been “fully respected” by the Taliban.

“If he doesn’t recognize this respect, it suggests a lapse in his understanding,” Shara added.

The justice minister further explained that, upon requests from Hezb-e Islami and other political leaders, a four-week deadline has been issued for them to vacate their properties.

Sharaee emphasized that political parties have been officially disbanded, and mentioning their names now constitutes a criminal act.

This development followed a defiant move by Hekmatyar’s son, who posted the name of Hekmatyar’s party on X, challenging the Taliban’s stance. In response, Shara reiterated on X, “Taliban declared mentioning the party’s name a crime,” reinforcing the government’s position on political parties.