Workers at Torkham border crossing protest restrictions by Pakistani government

TORKHAM, Afghanistan — Workers at the Torkham border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan in eastern Nangarhar province voiced their grievances Wednesday over restrictions imposed by the Pakistani government.

The protesters, many from Landi Kotal, expressed frustration with the lack of a designated workspace and the periodic confiscation of their equipment by Pakistani police.

“If the Pakistani authorities do not address our demands, we will escalate our protests at the Torkham crossing,” warned Amir Nawaz, head of the Landi Kotal Workers’ Union.

Workers at the crossing, including children, manually transport passengers’ belongings across the border daily using hand wheelbarrows. Nawaz highlighted the inhumane treatment they face, stating, “The big problem is that we are not treated like human beings, we are invisible, and regular work is not provided.”

The demonstration underscores the ongoing challenges and demands of those working at one of the key transit points between the neighboring countries.