Pakistan’s defense minister labels Afghanistan as ‘source of terrorism’

ISLAMABAD — Pakistan Defense Minister Khwaja Mohammad Asif has labeled Afghanistan the “source of terrorism in Pakistan,” emphasizing the urgent need for a substantial overhaul of the border dynamics between the two nations.

“In view of the increase in terrorist incidents, there is a need for a fundamental change in the border situation,” Asif remarked on X on Wednesday.

He criticized the Taliban for their lack of progress, contrasting it with Pakistan’s efforts to engage them on these security concerns.

“The source of terrorism in Pakistan is in Afghanistan, and despite our efforts, Kabul has not made any progress in this direction. Despite being aware of the hideouts of terrorism, they are operating freely against Pakistan from their territory,” Asif stated.

Asif also noted that Pakistan might sidestep international laws in addressing its cross-border concerns.

“The Pak-Afghan border is different from the traditional borders of the world. In the current situation, when cooperation from Kabul is not forthcoming, Pakistan will not be bound to apply all international laws and norms on this border. We must halt the flow of terrorists. In this manner, both countries can foster relations like traditional good neighbors. Travel facilities can continue through passport and visa,” he explained.

This statement comes amid a spike in militant attacks within Pakistan. Last week, Pakistan carried out airstrikes in two Afghan provinces, which the Taliban claims resulted in the death of eight civilians, including women.

The Taliban has dismissed Pakistan’s accusations, arguing that Pakistan is attributing its failure to combat militant groups to Afghanistan.