US remains ‘vigilant’ against threat of Daesh, says State Department spokesman

WASHINGTON — State Department spokesman Mathew Miller said at a press briefing Tuesday that the United States remains vigilant against the threat of ISIS-K, or Daesh’s Khorasan branch, and is working with its allies and partners to counteract that threat.

“So we have long been worried about ISIS-K’s potential for terrorist activities. You’ve seen us actually give warnings to Russia and Iran about these two most recent terrorist attacks. And you’ve seen ISIS-K plots disrupted in Europe,” Miller said.

“So we have made clear that we remain — need to remain vigilant against the threat of ISIS-K and we’re working with our allies and partners to do just that,” Miller added.

Miller also commented on the situation in Afghanistan: “I would say with respect to Afghanistan, we have always said that it is important that Afghanistan not become a safe haven for terrorists who bring — who could — who might want to bring harm to Americans. We have demonstrated a commitment to hold terrorists in Afghanistan accountable. But we have also made clear to the Taliban that it is in their interest to counter violent terrorist groups inside Afghanistan.”

This announcement comes as Daesh claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan and a deadly attack in Moscow.