Taliban and Pakistani delegation initiate trade talks in Kabul

In an effort to strengthen economic ties, the Taliban’s Ministry of Industry and Commerce disclosed that it began negotiations on Tuesday with a visiting delegation from Pakistan, aimed at bolstering trade between the neighboring nations.

The discussions, held in Kabul, are being led by Pakistan’s Commerce Secretary, Khurram Agha, on the Pakistani side, and by Taliban’s Commerce Minister Nooruddin Azizi for the Taliban.

The primary focus of these talks is to enhance bilateral trade relations and tackle existing challenges in trade and transit between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This initiative marks a significant step towards resolving longstanding economic issues and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Reports from the Asia News Network prior to the talks highlighted the enthusiasm of Pakistani business leaders for improved trade links. They argue that a robust trading relationship would be a “win-win” for both countries, promising economic growth and stability in the region.