WHO highlights tuberculosis as ongoing public health challenge in Afghanistan

A hospital in Herat. File photo.

On World Tuberculosis Day, the World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized that tuberculosis remains a significant public health challenge in Afghanistan.

The organization underscored that while the disease is treatable, timely diagnosis and treatment are critical to preventing death. The WHO has urged individuals to seek care at professional health centers as needed.

Last year, Afghanistan reported 80,000 cases of tuberculosis, highlighting the persistent threat of the disease.

Mohammad Adil, a 45-year-old tuberculosis patient, shared his experience: “I tested positive for TB. Following admission to the Afghan-Japan Hospital and receiving treatment, I am feeling much better. I urge all TB patients to seek treatment.”

In support of raising awareness, the United States Embassy in Afghanistan stated, “Let’s raise awareness about tuberculosis.” The disease continues to affect thousands of Afghans annually.