Germany urges Taliban to reopen schools, universities for women and girls

Photo: Reuters. File photo.

Germany’s Foreign Office, marking the onset of the new school year in Afghanistan, pointed out that the academic session has begun but, yet again, excludes girls from the seventh grade onward.

“The Taliban are depriving an entire generation of girls of their future and the country of its progress,” the ministry stated. “We urge the Taliban to open all schools and universities to girls and women.”

The Taliban initiated the new academic year with a ceremony at Amani High School in Kabul on Wednesday, March 20, coinciding with the first day of the 1403 solar year. However, Taliban officials made no mention of girls’ education in their speeches at the event.

Despite the emphasis on quality education and expanding educational reach to remote areas by several Taliban officials, including the education minister and the deputy minister, there was a conspicuous silence on the topic of girls’ education and the reopening of secondary schools for girls. These institutions have been closed for three consecutive years.