Death toll rises to 19 in Kandahar suicide bombing: Source

A trusted source informed Amu that a suicide bombing Thursday morning outside the Kabul Bank office in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan, resulted in at least 19 fatalities and 31 injuries.

Taliban, however, said that the resulted in at least three fatalities and injured 12 individuals.

The security command of the Taliban in Kandahar identified the incident as a suicide bombing, which took place among individuals queued outside the bank.

The blast transpired at approximately 8:30 a.m. local time.

The Taliban’s statement further noted that the majority of those affected were civilians, describing the condition of the injured, who have been transported to a Kandahar hospital, as “satisfactory.”

However, sources indicate that the number of casualties may be significantly higher.

The Taliban has attributed the attack to Daesh, although no group has yet claimed responsibility for the bombing.