US urges Pakistan to show restraint following airstrikes in Afghanistan

A photo released by Pakistani army, claiming it was the place where the airstrikes had targeted in Afghanistan.

In response to Pakistan’s airstrikes in Afghanistan, the United States has called on the Taliban to prevent terrorist attacks emanating from Afghan territory. Additionally, it has appealed to Islamabad to exercise restraint and protect civilians during counter-terrorism operations, according to US Department of State Principal Spokesperson Vedant Patel on Tuesday.

During a press briefing, Patel reiterated the call for the Taliban to block terrorist activities launched from Afghanistan. He emphasized America’s dedication to preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorists aiming to target the US and its allies.

When asked about the airstrikes, Patel said, “We have seen reports of Pakistan conducting airstrikes in Afghanistan in retaliation for the attack on a military post in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, on Saturday. We deeply regret the loss of life and the injuries in the attack in Pakistan, as well as the civilian casualties in Afghanistan.”

“We urge the Taliban to prevent terrorist attacks from Afghan soil and call on Pakistan to ensure civilians are not endangered in their counter-terrorism measures. We encourage both parties to resolve their differences. Our commitment to ensuring Afghanistan does not serve as a launchpad for terrorist attacks against the United States, our partners, and allies remains steadfast,” he added.

Patel’s comments follow Pakistan’s airstrikes in the Khost and Paktia provinces of Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of eight individuals, including women and children.

The Taliban has condemned the airstrikes as a clear breach of Afghanistan’s sovereignty