South Asia

Militant attack on Pakistan army post near Afghan border results in seven deaths

Soldiers drive toward North Waziristan, from Bannu, June 20, 2014, Reuters-file

An early Saturday assault on a military outpost near the Afghanistan border, involving a vehicle packed with explosives and suicide bombers, resulted in the deaths of seven members of the security forces, according to Pakistan’s military as cited by Reuters.

The attack in northwest Pakistan was executed by six assailants, stated the military’s media wing, without attributing the attack to any specific militant group.

In a detailed account, the military explained, “The terrorists rammed an explosive-laden vehicle into the post, followed by multiple suicide bombings, causing a portion of a building to collapse and leading to the martyrdom (Shahadat) of five,” with an additional two security force members perishing in subsequent clashes with the militants.

Local residents in Waziristan, a region adjacent to Afghanistan within Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, reported to Reuters that the explosion caused significant vibrations, damaging doors and windows.

Government and security officials in Pakistan have observed an uptick in attacks over recent months, with several incidents being attributed to the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) and reportedly orchestrated from Afghan territory.

These attacks have strained the ties between Pakistan and the Afghan Taliban, who refute claims of permitting their territory to be used for militant activities.

Pakistan’s national elections, held in February, were conducted amidst stringent security measures. On election day, a series of blasts, grenade, and gun attacks resulted in nine fatalities.