Taliban expresses optimism over UNAMA’s role in strengthening ‘international relations’

KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban’s spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid, responded positively to the recent extension of the mandate for the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), suggesting the agency could play a significant role in fostering stronger “international relations”.

In an interview with RTA, a state media outlet run by the Taliban, Mujahid articulated the group’s intention to enhance relations with other nations and organizations, identifying UNAMA as a potential facilitator in this process.

“UNAMA should better represent and connect Afghanistan with the international community, showcasing the country’s developments, achievements, and security situation,” Mujahid stated. He emphasized the mission’s importance in providing general assurance and supporting Afghanistan’s diplomatic engagements.

Mujahid did not specify the issues he referred to as “remaining” unresolved but mentioned that they should be approached through negotiations.

Further, he underscored the Taliban’s aspirations to claim Afghanistan’s permanent mission seat at the UN, to have Afghan assets abroad unfrozen, and to counter pressure exerted on the Taliban.

The Taliban spokesperson conveyed a readiness to cultivate positive relations with the UN and other countries.

The UN Security Council on Friday agreed to renew UNAMA’s mandate until March 17, 2025. Discussions around the resolution highlighted the crucial presence of UNAMA, while also addressing concerns regarding the Taliban’s policies on the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.