Afghanistan: Female farmers in Jawzjan seek agricultural support amid optimism for bountiful harvests

JAWZJAN PROVINCE — Women farmers in Jawzjan Province are hopeful for a bountiful harvest following significant snowfall and rainfall, yet they face challenges due to inadequate access to modern agricultural facilities and tools.

These farmers have appealed to organizations for assistance, highlighting the need for improved resources to sustain their livelihoods.

Fariba, a local farmer supporting a family of 14, shared her story of perseverance and the critical role of agriculture in providing for her family.

“I come here with my children and work alongside my daughters. We sell the products together. As the family’s sole provider, I rely on these harvests,” she stated.

The recent weather conditions have sparked optimism among farmers for a successful year, but issues such as water scarcity and a lack of agricultural resources persist.

“Our main challenges are water shortage, the need for improved seeds, fertilizers, and more agricultural tools. We hope for assistance to address these issues,” Farid, another farmer, said.

Farmers like Wahid emphasize the importance of specific needs, including agricultural tools and quality seeds, for cultivating their lands.

“We farm about one acre, growing spinach and other vegetables, but we desperately need better tools and seeds,” he explained.

The call for support comes at a time when the Taliban’s return to power has imposed severe restrictions on women and girls, limiting their access to education and employment. These measures have compelled many to turn to home-based work and agriculture for survival.