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Afghanistan, Pakistan refugees protest outside Delhi chief minister’s residence over citizenship remarks

NEW DELHI — Refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan gathered for a protest outside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence on Wednesday, voicing their opposition to his recent comments regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Holding signs with messages such as “Kejriwal, apologize” and “Kejriwal, have shame,” the demonstrators expressed their dissatisfaction with Kejriwal’s stance on the controversial law.

One protester told ANI, “Only we know what we have endured in Pakistan; Kejriwal doesn’t understand. Why is he feeling jealous if we are getting citizenship?” Another added, “Despite being aware of our struggles and the work we have done, Kejriwal derogatorily calls us ‘bandits’ and ‘thieves’ regularly. We want to clarify that we are neither. We have worked hard for the past thirteen years without wrongdoing. The media, the citizens, and the central government are all witnesses. We demand our rights and an apology from Kejriwal for his remarks.”

The protest underscores the ongoing debate surrounding the CAA, which has been a point of contention across various sectors of Indian society.