Shiite community representatives present ‘demands’ to Taliban

A group of representatives of Afghanistan’s Shiite community, including Mohammad Husain Alemi Balkhi, Mohammad Akbari, and Nematullah Ghafari, presented their “demands” in writing to Abdul Kabir, the Taliban’s deputy chief minister, during a meeting in Kabul on Wednesday, according to a statement from the Taliban.

Kabir emphasized the Taliban administration’s “equal responsibility” toward all ethnic groups in the country, assuring the representatives that “their suggestions will be considered,” the statement said.

The Taliban did not disclose the specifics of the demands and proposals shared by the representatives.

This meeting comes after the Taliban’s controversial decision to remove Ashura Day, a significant holiday for the Shiite community, from Afghanistan’s national calendar in 2022, a move that drew widespread criticism from citizens, particularly among the Shiite population.