Afghanistan: 10 cold storage facilities built in Paktia, farmers seek more support

In the eastern province of Paktia, at least 10 cold storage facilities have been constructed in the Samkanai district, although farmers are calling for additional support to preserve their produce, enhance their fields, and obtain fertilizers.

Local Taliban officials reported that the project was completed at a cost of 5 million Afghanis.

While some cold storage units previously existed in the area, they were not operational until this project was initiated.

Samkanai is recognized as one of Paktia’s most significant districts, with a large portion of its population involved in agriculture.

“About 30 farmers in Samkanai district utilize these cold storage units, significantly improving the preservation of their crops,” stated Abdul Rauf Saeed, head of the Taliban Agriculture and Livestock Department in Paktia.

Farmers in the district have expressed a desire to expand the number of cold storage facilities to better store their products.

“We can store various products, such as onions and potatoes, in these cold storage units. We are very pleased with them,” shared Abdullah, a local farmer.

Abdul Rahman, another resident of Paktia, emphasized the need for comprehensive support: “We urge the distribution of modified seeds to farmers, not only in Samkanai but in all districts where agriculture is practiced and water is available.”

The scarcity of cold storage has been a longstanding challenge for the region’s farmers, leading to spoilage of fruits and vegetables or sales at reduced prices.